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“Visiting the fair is pure fun”

You sometimes wonder how certain designers manage to keep going. Andreas Engesvik from Norway is a case in point – he’s always popping up everywhere, morning, noon and night!

“Well, I live a fairly ordinary life at home in Norway, with a young family and my office. Visiting the fair is pure fun. I meet colleagues, we chat, eat and share our experiences. It can be rather exhausting, but the secret is not to drink too much wine in the evenings!”


Andreas hasn’t bothered to count, but he thinks that this year he’s collaborating with at least 30 of the companies exhibiting at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair.

“It happens naturally once you’ve got to know each other well and the work runs smoothly. I only work with companies I like.”

Many Scandinavians appreciate this week in February. It’s one of the highlights of the year. I’ve always enjoyed spending time in Sweden and I’ve probably been coming to the fair for 15 years. This is where we hang out!

“There’s a lot going on right now. One of my projects will be designing a toothbrush!”

Is there any limit to what you’re prepared to work on?

“Not really. The routine and experience you acquire over the years can be applied to virtually anything. I’d love to design a holiday home or a daycruiser or a car. I’m sure I could pull it off with a little help. You must constantly re-invent yourself so you don’t get stuck in a rut – you should always be open to learning something new.”

Greenhouse – a door opener for young designers

Every year, the assignment to design the Greenhouse exhibition area goes to a profiled design studio. This year, the assignment went to Form Us With Love. Axel Norlander has been responsible for the project, but he is careful to emphasize that the entire team has contributed to the final product.


Axel Norlander, Project Manager, Form Us With Love

“We are very pleased, primarily with the collaboration with Stockholmsmässan and everyone involved. The ambition was to create a meeting place where young designers are given the opportunity to expand their network. We wanted to put the exhibitors and their projects in the spotlight. Based on the feedback I have received, it seems we were successful.”

We asked Axel Norlander, who finished his own studies at the School of Industrial Design in Lund two years ago, to offer some advice to today’s design students.

“Take maximum advantage of your time as a student. Absorb as much knowledge as you can from the other students and your friends. And when you apply for jobs, be honest about your strengths.”


Studio Bey, Cecilia Xinyu Zhang and Sigrid Hägg

Cecilia and Sigrid met at a Master’s program at HDK Academy of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg. Today, Cecilia lives in Bergen and Sigrid in Copenhagen. Their company, Studio Bey, is largely managed online; they send each other files and talk on Skype. With varying frequency they meet IRL, for example when developing prototypes. They were recently named Rising Star Of The Year by the newly established Editors’ Choice Award, which offers tangible confirmation that their partnership is working.

“Greenhouse opens the door to many possibilities. This is our first exhibition and we have already started discussions with producers we met here. For us, this is really serious business.”

Darling Design

Johan Åkerström, Darling Design

In 2013, Johan Åkerström decided he needed a change of environment, so he packed up all his belongings in Gothenburg and moved to the skiing mecca of Åre. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Chalmers University of Techology and is also a trained industrial designer, and he has designed everything from bags to a hotel at a Sami tourist attraction along the Storulvån river in the mountains of Jämtland. At his stand at Greenhouse, he is presenting a world premier.

“With Illuminated, I am challenging the existing socket standard and the entire lighting market.  It is a standard that changes the relationship between the fitting and the source of light. Resource-efficient, sustainable and open to many different areas of use. Many people walk by and do not understand at first glance what they are looking at, but when I explain that it is the light connection of the future, they are interested. I have collected an entire bag of business cards.”

Friends Of Handicraft

Mathilda Perem, Friends Of Handicraft

The high level of Swedish design education was well illustrated at the Friends Of Handicraft School’s stand, where three of the students who graduated in the spring displayed their work: Maki Fokine, Karina Süptitz and Michaela Jonsson. “Michaela in particular has received a lot of attention,” said Friends Of Handicraft School’s Marketing Coordinator, Mathilda Perem, who was at the stand when we stopped by.

“We have had lots of visitors, both other interested craftspeople and students. We are here primarily to present our organization and recruit new students to our school.”

Thom Fougers

Thom Fougers

Canadian Thom Fougers has his own design studio in his home town of Toronto. The furniture store Mjölk, is also located there and run by a married couple, John and Juli Baker. The store focuses on Scandinavian and Japan design.

“Since I find Scandinavian and Japanese design so inspiring, I contacted John and Juli. I also delivered a product to them – a stand with tools that are intended for smaller fire places. They recommended that I apply to Greenhouse.There are so many ideological and geographical similarities between Canada and Scandinavia, I really feel at home here.I have had discussions with producers here at the stand and when I have been out walking around in the other halls, so I hope that this really leads to something.”

VIA Design

Julie Carl, VIA Design, Denmark

Julie Carl is one of the 12 design students displaying her products in VIA’s exhibition in Greenhouse. VIA is a design academy in Denmark and its exhibitors represent a mix of students in their final year and students who graduated last spring.

“It is naturally exciting and a little bit nerve-wracking to display what we have learned during our five years at the school. Luckily, the feedback has been positive, and we have received a lot of praise. The feedback here is the hard truth, and it is extremely useful for us to step out into reality and get an idea of where we stand.”

Do you want to exhibit in Greenhouse 2017? Follow this link for more details.

R/Evolution in Paris

Last weekend we went from a sunny Stockholm to a cloudy Paris to visit the 16th edition of D’days, the Festival of Design. Despite the rainy weather we had a great trip and saw some great design. The theme of the year was Evolution or Revolution and Paris offered over 100 exhibitions, events, workshops, conferences and experiences around the city. We tried to visit as many of them as possible and here’s a small collection of what we managed to see during our visit.

Taiwan – Responsible tech.


Nebbia by nbt.Studio

nbt.Studio from Taiwan creates luxury products from e-waste and recycled materials. Nebbia is the vision of the coming future where Internet is everything. Nebbia can be connected to designated social network such as a Facebook page. When an assigned Facebook page is “liked”, Nebbia will appear it’s light in a different colour and pattern.


Different exhibitions at the Galerie Joseph.






The traveling exhibition “Best of Dutch design” presented the nine best designs from the Netherlands in 2015.




Young talents



At the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Stokke invited the visitors to take a seat in a maxi size version of its iconic Tripp Trapp chair to see things from a child’s perspective.


ddays_stokkeAnd last but not least, one of the events we were looking forward to most, Dan Roosegaarde’s lighting installations.





Design is Yours.

“The fair has an excellent international reputation”

Ineke Hans from the Netherlands was one of the ex-Guests of Honour who could be spotted among the stands at this year’s fair. And not just in person – several exhibitors were featuring her work: Offecct and Johanson Design were the ones she could recall off the top of her head.

“I’m currently involved in a project with another Scandinavian company, but it’s a secret for the time being,” reports Ineke Hans, who also happens to be a former fellow student of this year’s Guests of Honor Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby.

Ineke Hans

“All us designers and companies that meet up at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair are one big, happy family,” she laughs. “There’s such a wonderfully relaxed and open atmosphere here in Sweden.”

Ineke Hans has a lot to say about the state of the world. We’re facing great changes and the industry needs to be aware of this. Mobility is a keyword in many aspects. Ineke is an example of this herself. She recently moved to London, but still has family in her home town of Arnhem in the Netherlands. But she’s also alluding to another kind of human mobility: the involuntary kind. This will also affect us all to a great extent.

Ineke Hans Guest of Honour Installation 2009Guest of Honour Installation 2009 by Ineke Hans

Ineke on the state of the industry:

“We’re confronting a new generation of customers who aren’t that interested in material things. They’re used to basically living out of a suitcase, and investing in house and home is not a priority for them. But they do regard wellbeing as a major benefit in their workplaces – more important than a high salary.”

About Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair:

“The fair has an excellent international reputation. Many people say how much they love coming here. It means a lot that the trendsetters in the design world include Stockholm on their list.”

Ineke Hans mentions the aspects that set the fair apart: it’s a compact, accessible and high-quality event. It also has a very free and easy atmosphere. Maybe because the event management team consists almost exclusively of women?

Discover design in Paris

We are heading to Paris next week for the Festival of Design, Ddays. The whole week will be dedicated to art & design and Paris and its institutions and its streets will showcase over 100 exhibitions, events, workshops, conferences and experiences.

One of the design events we are looking forward to most is the exhibition by Dan Roosegaarde, who last year created the stunning “Waterlicht” in Amsterdam, a lighting installation about the power and poetry of water.


Photo credit: Daan Roosegaarde


Photo credit: Daan Roosegaarde

Daan Roosegaarde

 Photo credit: Daan Roosegaarde

So cool that it resembles of Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, something we like so much we even named one of our exhibitions at Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair after it, Aurora.

The exhibition Luminor is conceived as a retrospective of Dan Roosegaarde’s work, and will take place at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs.

Dan Roosegaarde is working with interactive light installations and is internationally known for creating social designs exploring the relation between people, technology and space.

Crystal-RoosegaardeCrystal. Photo credit: Daan Roosegaarde


Lotus Dome. Photo credit: Daan Roosegaarde

The festival runs between 30th of May and 5th of June. See the full programme here.

5 favourites by Gabriella Gustafson

Gabriella Gustafson, Architect at TAF, picks her 5 favourites (plus one) from Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2016.

5 favourites_Gabriella

Bar stool Nudo by Mitab

Sofa Gather by Edsbyn

Chandelier Salut by Byrarumsbruk

Chair October by Nikari

Table Ferric by Massproductions

5 favourites_Gabriella

Plus one for fun: NakNak, a small Taiwanese company who presented their second collection at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2016. The company works with several Scandinavian designers.

A peek into the future

Yesterday we took a peek into the future. We went to the opening and inauguration of the Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2016. The 177 graduating students showed how global phenomena that chafe and irritate, in the form of existential and practical questions and issues, can be addressed and taken further – here and now.

For the second year in a row, the Degree Exhibition has been curated by Jonas Nobel and Fredrik Stenberg of Uglycute, a design and architecture office that expands the concept of design by cross-pollinating it with art and architecture.

The exhibition runs until Sunday 22 May. Scroll down for more information.

Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2016

Katja Beckman – Yellow III

Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2016

Ellen Norsten – Akryl på duk

Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2016

Oliver Edgren – Variera

Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2016

Sara Wetterqvist – Space suits

Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2016

Ben Smith – Tuft & Stuff

Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2016

Katharina Sofie Kraus – An alternative future of spatial materiality

Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2016

Lara Gengler – Towards an adaptive architecture

Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2016

Sofia Wall – Kärleksmönster

Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2016

Leo Eklund , Svensk stil


Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2016

Linn Fredlund – Spatial objects of surfaces & light

Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2016

Emilie Forsmark – Återvinst

Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2016

Mollie Albertsson

Catalogue, press images and programme:

Visiting address: Konstfack, LM Ericssons väg 14, subway station Telefonplan.

Size doesn’t matter…or does it?

Yesterday we went to the opening of the Estonian Design Exhibition “Size doesn’t matter”, which contrasts the smallness of the land and the density of designers. Estonia has one designer for every 800 citizens – and nearly 45 of them were represented yesterday. The exhibition will be running until the 27th of May at Designgalleriet in Stockholm. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Estonian Design Exhibition

Estonian Design Exhibition_2

We were happy to find the solid spin ceramic lamp by Johanna Tammsalu, among the design objects, one of the exhibitors of Greenhouse this year.

Estonian Design Exhibition_3

Coathangers by Kairi Kuuskor & Janno Nõu

Estonian Design Exhibition_6

Estonian Design Exhibition_4

Estonian Design Exhibition_5

Here is more information about the products and the designers: